Community Charity Organisation

Katwe One Community Charity Organization we're non-profit working tirelessly to uplift the lives of marginalized communities in Katwe and its surrounding areas. Our strong focus is on empowering vulnerable children and families, we provide essential resources, scholastic materials, fees, and support.


Help feed a child

Helping to feed the poor isn't just an act of charity; it's an act of humanity. By extending a helping hand and providing nourishment, we not only ease hunger but also nourish hope and compassion in our shared world.


Community activities

Charity sports activities in the slums aren't just about the game; they're about creating opportunities, fostering community spirit, and inspiring dreams. These initiatives are a powerful way to uplift lives, promote health, and bring joy where it's needed most.


Help skill Children

Skilling the vulnerable teens in the community is like igniting the torch of opportunity in the darkest corners. By providing them with valuable skills, we're not just shaping their future; we're empowering them to build a brighter one, contributing to transformation of our community.


Help build children shelter

Building shelters for needy children is more than constructing walls; it's about creating safe havens where dreams can take root and hope can flourish. These shelters are the foundation upon which we build better futures, one child at a time.

Youth Skilling

We provide youths from disadvantaged communities with different technical skills so that they're transformed into responsible memebers of the Community.

hair dressing

Hair Dressing

We train hair dressing skills to the youths and create jobs to them. most are currently working at a group salon.

computer training

Computer Training

We teach youths computer introduction courses, microsoft accessibility, typing, printing and photocopying.



One of our community Skilling initiatives is tailoring. After acquiring skills, youths are provided with sawing machines.


Welding & Metal Fabrication

A lot of youths have acquired welding technical skills and are normal able to earn and provide for their faimilies.



We train bakering skills to the youths in our community. After they attain the skills, they can acquire loans and start their businesses.



Youths in our community and nearby areas are equiped with Mechanical skills which improve their standards of living.

Community Based Organisation

Our Community Based Organisation KATWE 1 LITTLE INCOME EARNERS GROUP is registered with KCCA. We carry out community Activities like Sports, Community general cleaning, medical camps, and clean water projects for the community.


Sports Activities

We carry out sports tornaments for youths of different age groups, with the aim of improving talents and keeping youths engaged.


Clean Water Projects

We contributed and opened up a community tap water project and in the future we plan on digging boreholes for the community.


General Cleaning

We conduct periodical general cleaning, where we collect garbage from tranches, clean and sweep the community.


Medical Camps

We conduct medical camps where youths are sensitized about HIV/AIDs, reproductive health, and we carry out blood donation.

Community SACCO

Our community sacco KATWE 1 METAL FABRICATORS MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED extends financial services to our members.


Financial Litracy

We get iconic individuals in the financial sector to come and train our members and community about savings and other different income generating ventures. we also assist them in acquiring loans from different financial institutions.


Member Savings

Through our Sacco, members save money according to their income and they can get it back at the end of the year with some interest. We use this money to extend loans to community at a low interest and to members with no interest.


Credit Services

We provide loans to our Sacco members with no interest and to the commmunity members with a low interest. This has helped both members and members of the community to acquire capital and expand their businesses.