Support the needy

Make a Donation

Become a Sponsor

Sponsor a child by paying for their monthly meals, school fees, scholastic materials or buy clothes.

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Help Skill Youths

Help purchase machines for Sewing, welding machines and computers to help in Skilling Youths and teen mothers.

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Donate For a Cause

Donate to one of our ongoing causes. Help build childrens shelter, school dometory and class rooms, skilling center.

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Make a Change in our Community.

Creating change in our community starts with nurturing and empowering vulnerable children, for they hold the key to a brighter, more compassionate future for us all. We can create lasting change and provide them with the opportunities they deserve.

Our Ongoing Projects

Empowering the future, one project at a time, because every child deserves a brighter tomorrow.

Community Charity

Through our Charity Organisation, we provide meals, school fees, materials, and clothes to vulnerable children.

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Youth Skilling

We empower and uplift the youths through various technical skilling like welding, hair dressing and computer training.

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We carry out community general cleaning, garbage collection, clearing drainage channels, and sensitize the youths about HIV/AIDs.

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