About Us.

We are a community-driven force dedicated to transforming lives and creating brighter futures in the vibrant community of Katwe. Our mission is to uplift the residents of Katwe by addressing immediate needs through our charity, fostering long-term development through our Community-Based Organization (CBO), and promoting financial independence via our Savings and Credit Cooperative. Our charity arm responds swiftly to the most pressing needs of our community. We provide essential resources such as food, clothing, and healthcare to those in immediate distress. We understand that compassion knows no boundaries.

We have witnessed transformative change within our community. Children who once faced barriers to education are now attending school regularly. Hunger is decreasing, and the community is becoming cleaner and more environmentally conscious. The youth we've empowered with vocational skills are securing employment and starting businesses, contributing to local economic growth. We invites you to be a part of our journey. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of the wonderful people of Katwe. Join us in our mission to uplift, empower, and build a stronger, more resilient community.


To restore hope amongst vulnerable children, ghetto youths and communities that have been affected by poverty, drug abuses, domestic violence, epidemic diseases and natural calamities.


A community where children and their care givers are empowered to improve their standards of living through appropriate and affordable alternatives such as skill training, personal hygiene, saving, mindset change and sports.

Our Leadership

Our Leadership is composed of two original founders and a new youth memeber who can bring across interests of the youth memebers.


Kyambadde William


Born and raised in the slums of Kavule. Lost my father when i was 7 years. Spent my childhood with my Aunt doing Bakery and selling pancakes on streets. At 16yrs, i joined welding at katwe, where i've been to date.



Kwagala Samalie


Born in the slums of kibuye. An orphan raised by my poor mother, i was able to complete my O'level education and could not go further due to financial difficulties. After i joined my brother at his welding workshop.

+256 757 413079


Ntambi Musa


Born from a poor family deep in the village of kyamulibwa Kalungu district, I studied upto Senior four, when my parents could not afford my tuition anymore, i joined my father at his welding workshop in the slums of katwe upto date.

+256 755 284327